Peranan Komunikasi Verbal Dan Non Verbal Dalam Proses Pendidikan Agama Kristen di Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini GMIM Henny Airmadidi Atas –Minahasa Utara


  • Henny J. Tumbelaka
  • Jianti Satria Robot


Non-verbal verbal communication, PAUD, Christian Religious Education


The purpose of this study was to determine the process of verbal and non-verbal communication in Christian religious education that was applied in the PAUD GMIM Henny Airmadidi Above - North Minahasa, as well as to find out the supporting and inhibiting factors in Christian religious education at the GMIM ECD Henny Airmadidi Atas - Minahasa North. This study uses a qualitative approach. In this case the researcher will observe the social symptoms that occur especially those relating to verbal communication in the learning process of Christian Education in the PAUD GMIM Henny Airmadidi Atas - Minahasa Utara PAUD.               Sources Primary data is obtained from the direct research process from participants or research targets, namely data from children, parents and GMIM PAUD teachers Henny Airmadidi Atas. Secondary data is obtained from records or documents related to research from the institution under study or from reference books from the library.               In the data collection phase, the researcher conducted participatory observation where the researchers went directly to the research site and watched closely the phenomenon of communication using body movements that occurred in the learning process of religious education and the researcher was actively involved in the process. In addition, researchers also conducted interviews. The researcher used two types of interviews namely autonamnesa (interviews conducted with the subject or respondent, namely teachers, principals, and GMIM ECD students Henny and aloanamnesa (interviews with respondents' families), namely guardians of students.               The conclusions obtained by the role of verbal and non-verbal communication of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) of the GMIM Henny Airmadidi Atas have not yet proceeded with the aim of communication which is expected to be seen from the results of interviews with parents, teachers or students of Henny Airmadidi Atas. Obstacles encountered by the role of communication in the process of Christian education in Early Childhood Education (PAUD) GMIM Henny Airmadidi Atas - Minahasa Utara, are in the hands of parents, children of PAUD and the wider community who are unaware of the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in religious education Christian