Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan Terhadap Loyalitas Nasabah Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Citra Dumoga


  • Stephanus


Service Quality and Customer Loyalty


The aim of the study was to determine the effect of service quality on customer loyalty to rural banks Bank Citra Dumoga Manado. The method used is the survey method using a questionnaire as a data collection tool, to explain the relationship between the research variables through testing hypotheses. Research variables are Service Quality as independent variable (X) and Customer Loyalty as dependent variable (Y).

           The sampling technique uses the Slovin formula, the number of samples is 58 respondents, using a Likert scale, simple regression analysis. The results of the correlation analysis show that the value of the influence of Service Quality (X) on Customer Loyalty (Y), rxy = 0.914 states that the correlation between variable X (Service Quality) and variable Y (Customer Loyalty) can be interpreted very strongly, contributing Service Quality to Loyalty The customer, it is known through the coefficient in the mirror: KP = rxy2 x 100%, namely KP = 0.9142 x 100% = 84%. This is also illustrated in testing the hypothesis with the F Test, obtained F-count data = 147,633> F-table 4,18 and proved significant influence through the t test, obtained t-count = 12,150> t-table 1,699 then H1 accepted and refused Ho . The results of the study show that there is an influence between Service Quality on Customer Loyalty at the Rural Bank of Dumoga, Manado Branch.

          The significance of the effect of Service Quality on Customer Loyalty is related to the effect of linearity Ŷ = 8.554 + 0.726 X. This is illustrated from the results of the value of Fcount> Ftable or Fcount = 147.633> Ftable = 4.18 with a significant value of 0.05. As well as t-count = 12,150> t-table = 1,699. Thus if Service Quality is improved, then Customer Loyalty at the Dumoga Rural Credit Bank Manado Branch will increase.