Peran Efikasi Diri Dalam Mengembangkan Perilaku Inovatif


  • Edmie G.M. Gerungan


innovation behavior, efikasi diri, innovative work


Human resources is a very important factor as a driver in the face of global current era. The competitiveness of an organization depends on human resources owned. Particularly associated with either organizational commitment and innovative behavior. Innovative work behavior has the aim to improve the performance and competence of the organization in achieving its goal. As a perspective of organizational behavior, the innovative work behavior is the interaction between the individual, group process and organizational processes, which affects the range of leadership behaviors and performance expectations of employees when the realization of innovative work behavior is completely done. Innovative work behavior is an introduced attitude, filed, applying ideas, products, processes, and procedures to the new job. An organization needs to pay attention to the factors that influence innovative work behavior. The purpose of this study was to know the role of efikasi diri to develop innovation behavior, in revealing the individual’s innovative work behavior.