Pengontrolan Audio Amplifier Mono Menggunakan Arduino Uno R3 Berbasis Android dengan Bluetooth


  • Fernando Dotulong


Mono Audio Amplifier, Arduino Uno R3, Android, Bluetooth


This research was carried out with the aim of developing technology in the field of audio power amplifiers, so that the public would be more familiar with how to use audio amplifier control using android technology and find out the functions and work methods of an audio amplifier. Data collection is done by observing data retrieval directly from the field.

          From the results of designing and controlling amplifiers and making an application as a media controller. The author will control a device that is Amplifier using Arduino uno r3 via Bluetooth, so the core of this control is so that we can easily play music remotely, turn on the amplifier through the android cellphone and can control the volume and sound input through the BT63 Bluetooth Receiver. In controlling through an android application that the author creates, namely when the amplifier is ordered to live, the amplifier will automatically live after this amplifier is on, android can control the volume and audio sound coming through the power amplifier input that has been installed BT63 Bluetooth receiver.

          In BT63 Bluetooth this has been designed an ic that we can directly control the volume and can change the music according to what we want without having to use a cable as a connecting medium in the RCA input socket. Analysis of system requirements includes the needs of the device, both software and hardware requirements. Thus Mono Audio Amplifier Control has become part of the development of technology in the audio field today.